Araneae Arrest Spider Walking Stick

Araneae Arrest Spider Walking Stick


Playing on the ancient tales of creepy poisonous spiders who prayed upon chained captured warriors, British artist Liam Manchester gave life to this sick Gothic spider walking stick sure to please any arachnophile! The quality designer resin arthropod knob handle, hand-finished in polished chrome and topped off with faux leather, proudly sits atop this stylish, faux ebony metal shaft.  

**This collectible walking stick is not recommended for orthopaedic use. Solid hardwood shaft features a rubber tip.

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  • Dimensions: 2½"dia.x39"L

  • Materials: Resin, metal, rubber tip and faux leather.

  • The Dragonsthorne Collection

  • This item is not medically approved as a walking stick and is not suitable as walking cane for users weighing more than 150lbs.