Dr. Von Rosenstein's Induction Principle Ring

Dr. Von Rosenstein's Induction Principle Ring


One vital part of Dr. Von Rosenstein's awesome 18th century, Post Mortem Cognitive Transfer technology apparatus, an authentic reproduction of the indispensable key to the induction matrix. A unique statement piece for the Steampunk enthusiastA Steampunk and Gothic standard, pewter and solid brass band ring with pierced and etched brass detail.

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Approximate Dimensions: Width 0.98" x Height 0.98" x Depth 0.43"-based on size T/9.5

Sizes: US 7, 8.5, 9.5, 11, 12

Materials: Fine English Pewter, Etched Brass Inlay.

How To Measure Your Ring Size

1. Cut a strip of paper no wider than 6mm.

2. Wrap the paper around your finger, and mark the paper where it meets.

3.Check that it slips over the joints of the finger without difficulty.

4. Measure the marked length of paper in millimeters (mm) and compare it to the metric row in     above size chart.

This should give you a good idea of your ring size.

If your ring falls between sizes, order the next largest ring size.