Ikarus Ear Wrap

Ikarus Ear Wrap


Soar to new heights with the Ikarus ear wrap. Inspired by ancient mythological tales of a man who's father fashioned him wings of wax and feathers which melted when he chose to fly too close to the sun, this Steam-era reproduction can hold up to the suns rays and will embellish your ear so all will know you aspire to rise above! Just remember the lesson Ikarus learned. . . “True hope is swift, and flies with swallow's wings” as Richmond upholds in Shakespeare’s ‘King Richard III’, making miracles a reality.

Single for left ear only

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Approximate Dimensions: Width 1.85" x Height 2.25" x Depth 0.65"

Type: Earring Wrap - Single for left ear only

Materials: Fine English Pewter, Surgical Steel Ear Post.